The Way of Gods,

The historical centers of Bologna and Florence are connected by an ancient path crossing all the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines as well as retracing parts of the ancient Flaminia Military Roman Road 

Getting ready to leave

From Stretch to Stretch

Where to buy The Official Map and where to stamp the credential

Hiking Map and Credential

Trekking, Mountain Bike, with your dog.. everything you have to know

The Path and the streches

The Backpack

Tips, Rules, how to make the Backpack and other Informations

Hotels, B&B, Farmhouses, Camping

Where to stay

Eat and relax

More than a trekking

the best of

The best of the way!


If you have any question or doubts about the path, call us! We are InfoSASSO: the Tourist Office of the town of Sasso Marconi (near Bologna) in the first strech of the path! You'll find us in Via Porrettana 314. 

Phone: 051/6758409 - e-mail: and web:

Accessible Tourism

The project “In montagna siamo tutti uguali” (In the mountain we are all euqals) was awarded by MiBact (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism) and by Invitalia as an innovative project for the promotion of mountain areas.

The project was followed through in cooperation with NoisyVision ONLUS, which has been working in the field of sensory disabilities for several years and due to their exprience, they  provided valuable guidance and assistance.

Any Questions?

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