La Credenziale della Via degli Dei

THE CREDENTIAL OF THE VIA DEGLI DEI: The Credential is the "passport" of the journey you are about to undertake: along your path you will find in every conventioned structure the personalized stamp with which you will have to fill out the Credential, to test and remember the journey made. If, once the journey is over, you send us a copy of the completed document by email or WhatsApp, we will send you the official gadget of the Via degli Dei.

You can download the list of conventioned facilities here.

Send an email to with the payment receipt attached of the amount of:
- bollettino postale sul c/c 99351173 - 
-bonifico bancario - IBAN: IT 81 T 0707236870018000005290 
Intestato a : Appennino Slow 
€3.00 (Pilgrim's Credential cost) + € 8.80 (european shipment cost) : 
Indicando nella causale "Acquisto Credenziale Via degli Dei"   
Remember to write your address in the email to proceed with the shipment.

It will take about 20 days


You can even buy the Credential here:

InfoSasso: Via Porrettana, 314 – Sasso Marconi (BO)

Tel. 051.6758409 – 334.8334945
Apertura: martedì – venerdì 9.30-13.00 e 15.00-19.00; sabato 09.30-13.00; lunedì, domenica e festivi chiuso.

Ufficio Informazioni e Accoglienza Turistica di Bologna: Piazza Maggiore, 1/E – Bologna

Tel. 051.6583111
Apertura: lunedì – sabato 9.00-19.00; domenica e festivi: 10.00-17.00.

Il Gallo società cooperativa: Via G. Rainaldi 2/2a – Bologna

Tel. 051.540664
Apertura: martedì 15.30-19.30; mercoledì–venerdì 9.00-12.30 e 15.30-19.30; sabato 9.00-12.30 e 15.00-19.00.Luglio e Dicembre aperto anche martedì 9.00-12.30

Basilica di San Petronio: Piazza Maggiore – Bologna

Tel. 051.231415
Apertura: lunedì – giovedì 7.45-13.00 e 14.00-18.00; venerdì – domenica 7.45 - 18.00 

Basilica di San Luca: Via San Luca 36 – Bologna

Tel. 051.6142339
Apertura: lunedì – domenica 7.00-12.30 e 14.30-19.00.

Bookshop of the Archaeological Museum - Fiesole (FI). It is possible to freely access (without paying any entrance to the Museum) passing through the Ticket Office and requesting access to the bookshop. The ticket office always closes 30 minutes before closing time, Tel. 055 5961293 Opening: from November to February 10: 00-15: 00 (closed on Tuesday) - March and October 10: 00-18: 00 (open every day) - from April to September from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm (all open the days)

to buy it online, write to:


It's 3,00 €.


Each Credential is unique, can not be photocopied or duplicated or sold to others. Once you have purchased the Credential you will immediately receive the stamp of departure (at Sasso Marconi, Bologna or Fiesole). Finally, in each of the affiliated facilities where you will be staying, you will require the stamp. To receive the official gadget of the Via degli Dei as a gift, just send us a photo of your Credential completed with at least 5 stamps of our affiliated facilities, 3 for those traveling by bike, including the stamp of departure.


Once finished, send us your Credential in jpg or pdf format: via email to or via WhatsApp: 334.8334945. Do not forget to tell us your address as well: we will send you the official gadget of the Via degli Dei!

How to buy the Pilgrim's Credential

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