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1° stretch: from Bologna to Badolo

San Luca

Lenght: 19,30 km
Duration: 6:50 circa
Elevation up: +854 m
Elevation down: -552 m

From Bologna FS station take Via Indipendenza and go to Piazza Maggiore, the starting point (or arrival) of Via degli Dei. Go on to via Saragozza and walk under the longest arcade which arrives to the Santuario della beata Vergine di San Luca. The arcade was built in 1674. It is long 3800 m and it is formed by 666 arcs, 3,6 Km of length. When you arrive at the San Luca's Church behave as a true Bologna citizen and ask for a "grace"! Then walk for 200 m on the street car and take the CAI track on the right side called "Via de' Brègoli" number 112A. This way will take you to Parco Talon in Casalecchio di Reno. On the way you will see two crossing streets. You can take both of them but the one on the right side is faster but more difficult (don't take it if there are bad weather conditions).

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2° stretch: from Badolo to Madonna dei Fornelli

DSCN9129Lenght: 27,80 km
Duration: 9:50 circa
Elevation up: +1605 m
Elevation down: : -1047 m

If you go on the path you reach Brento and you pass near the Centro Tutela e Ricerca di Fauna Esotica e Selvatica of Monte Adone. On the left there is a slope leading to the top of Monte Adone (follow the path CAI 110 Monte Adone, alternatively if you are too much tired, you can go on the path to Brento that haven't the number). When you arrive to Monte Adone you can see two crosses. Here you can enjoy a beautiful view. Descend to Brento and follow a road that reach Monterumici and Monzuno.

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3° stretch: From Madonna dei Fornelli to Monte di Fo'

Flaminia militare

Lenght: 17,50 km
Duration: 5:50 circa
Elevation up: +750 m
Elevation down: -782 m

From Madonna di Fornelli you have to go to Pian di Balestra. You have to follow the CAI sign n° 019. After that you will see four crossing tracks: follow the track signed as "Via degli Dei – Futa e Strada Romana" (Via degli Dei – Futa and Roman Street). On your leftside you will see a wooden gate: go throught it and walk into the forest. After few kilometres you can see some Roman Street's ancient stones called "Flaminia Militare" - 187 b.C. Go straight ahead and you will see another wooden gate with a drawn italian red sign: "chiudere il cancello grazie" ("close the gate, please"). Then you will see a great green open area with a white street and an old house on your right (Località " I Capannoni"). Follow the street and you will see a tree with Via degli Dei CAI signed on it. After that, go ahead and turn to the right. This track is not well signed but after few meters you will see the CAI sign n° 019 on a tree on the right side. Go ahead and you will arrive at Piana degli Ossi (Bones land). Here you can see some Roman 2nd century b.C furnace ancient stones.

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4° stretch: From Monte di Fo’ to San Piero a Sieve

Convento monte senarioLenght: 21,08 km
Duration: 6:30 circa
Elevation up: +641 m
Elevation down: -1197 m

From the Sergente Camping area or from the Futa car street SS 65 (it depends on your staying) you have to come back up, turn to the left on the way to "Apparita". Go on walking and after a while on your right you will see a white and blue block: go over it, into the forest, and follow the GEA sign. Go on and you will see a crossing area: take the CAI track n°00 to Monte Gazzaro. Go ahead, walk up and down on the hill ridge and you will arrive at Monte Gazzaro top (1125m). Here you can see a cross [Attention! This way is not available for mountain-bike and we suggest you should not walk on it if the weather is bad. So, at the crossing area you can turn down to the right].

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5° stretch: From San Piero a Sieve to Firenze

 Lenght: 33.20 km
Duration: 11.20 h
Elevation up: +1367 m
Elevation down: -1510 m
Passing a gate (ask the keys to administrative department) in the highest part of the camping you can arrive in few minutes to Fortezza di San Marino. Returning back and taking the unpaved road you can reach the villa medicea of Cafaggiolo. Passing near the Castello del Trebbio tou descend to Tagliaferro. Crossed the Faentina railroad (closed for renovation) follow the sign for CAI and the yellow balls and you reach Badia di Buonsollazzo.
From the villagge you can reach the monastery of Montesenario. After the descend to Poggio delle Croci, on the road that from Fiesole arrive to Borgo San Lorenzo, and go on the Passo della Catena. Passed the road the path CAI n.2 go on Poggio Pratone whence is possible admire a beautiful view of Firenze and see some orchids. From Poggio Pratone continue to a Telecom repeater and descend to Monte Fanna. On a road, crossing Borgunto, you can reach Piazza di Fiesole. Taking the number 7 bus you arrive to Piazza San Marco or, following the panoramic way to the middle school, you can take the path CAI n.7 that go on Monte Ceceri. From here descend to the caves of Maiano, go to Settignano and reach the center taking the bus n.10 or descend directly passing for Coverciano.


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