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Mountain Bike - MTB

1° stretch: from Bologna to Madonna dei Fornelli

Lenght: 56,40 Km
Duration: almost 5 hours

From Bologna train Station you have to go to Via Indipendenza and go to Piazza Maggiore (the main square at the end of the street). Piazza Maggiore is the starting point of Via degli Dei. It can be also the arriving point if you start from Firenze. Then you have to go to via Saragozza and go on along the longest arcade in Europe. This is the arcade which takes you from the city center up to the Beata Vergine di San Luca Church. You have to go through 666 arches and then turn to the right in Via Bregoli. This way will take you to the Reno river and to Casalecchio di Reno Talon Park. You have to follow the Reno river and you will arrive at San Gherardo Oasis in via Rio Conco.

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2° stretch: from Madonna dei Fornelli to San Piero a Sieve

Lenght: 42,50 Km
Duration: almost 4 hours

The Via degli Dei sign is in front of Madonna dei Fornelli Montevenere hotel and it takes you up to Cucchi Mount. Go on and you will pass through the forest and you will get to the four Pian di Balestra crossing traks where you will see the ancient roman street (Flaminia Militare) sign which takes you to the Emilia-Tuscany border. Continue to bike and after gardens, trees and an artificial lake you will get to Piana degli Ossi. Here you can see some Roman 2nd century b.C furnace ancient stones. This furnace was used to make the limestone become quicklime by the fire, for building use. Go on and you will arrive at Passeggere and at the next Bruscoli crossing you have to go up to Banditacce. This place is the highest place of the Via degli Dei track (about 1200 mt). After few metres you will arrive at "il Poggiaccio" which is the halfway between Bologna and Florence. In this part of Via degli Dei you can see some well preserved Roman Street's ancient stones called "Flaminia Militare" - 187 b.C. Follow the track and you will arrive at Passo della Futa. Here there is the Tuscany-Futa car street n° SS 65 On this street you will also see a very big building: the German graveyard, which has almost 30.000 german gravestones from the Second World War. Go on on Via degli Dei way and you will get to Monte di Fò.

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3° stretch: from San Piero a Sieve to Firenze

Lenght: 33,90 Km
Duration: almost 3,50 hours

From San Piero a Sieve you have to take the no-car street and you will arrive at a beautiful Cafaggiolo Medicea Villa. Then, after Castello del Trebbo you go down to Tagliaferro and you will get to Badia del Buonsollazzo. Badia del Buonsollazzo is a not-used XI century abbey. On the main 1700 year- wall you can see the Medici badge used to remember Cosimo III de' Medici who decided to rebuilt the abbey in XV century. Continue on Via degli Dei and you will arrive to Bivigliano, where you can see Monte Senario Monastery. Then you go down to Poggio le Croci on the way which takes you from Fiesole to Borgo San Lorenzo. This track goes up to Catena passage (here le mountain bike track is different from the trekking way, so it would be easier for you if you have the hiking map!). Then you will pass San Michele a Muscoli where you will see gorgeous landscapes with rare flowers. Go on and you will get to Fiesole square and here you will arrive to Ceceri Mount (where Leonardo da Vinci tried his fly-machine in 1506) and then to Firenze. You will arrive to Piazza della Signoria in Firenze through Mensola river bridge. So, Piazza delle Signorie is the arriving point of Via degli Dei, the beautiful historical route from Bologna to Florence.

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By train…by bike!!


Take the train? Do not give to take with you on your bike!

You can take a free single bike (disassembled and contained in a bag or a folding bike properly closed), arranging it in the spaces provided for luggage. If there was not enough room, you can place it elsewhere, provided it is not a hindrance or nuisance to other customers or to the crew. In any case, the size must not be greater than cm. 80x110x40.

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