Useful information and tips for making the backpack for the Via degli Dei!

The CAI sections of Bologna and Florence have created a "Vademecum" with lots of useful information to walk the Via degli Dei with tranquility and to have a correct approach to hiking and the environment you are going through. To move in the environment with satisfaction and security ... it is advisable to know that:

  • Starting the journey in good time, in the morning, is a source of pleasant discoveries and also of greater security. Free time in the afternoon allows to metabolize the experience, to reflect, to prepare better the next day.

  • L’abbigliamento deve essere essenziale e sempre adeguato alla stagione.

  • Clothing must be essential and always appropriate to the season.

  • We recommend good quality trekking shoes. Sticks can be useful.

  • There are weather forecasts that can help us.

  • In the Mountains, the fog can surprise us: paper, compass, altimeter in tow and knowing how to use it is a must.

  • It is essential to document at home by consulting the maps and guides and / or the specialized websites of R.E.T. (Rete Escursionistica Toscana) e Sentieri Webentieri Web (Servizio informativo Regionale sui sentieri Emiliano-Romagnoli).

  • It is possible to receive further information by contacting the sections of the CAI of Bologna and Florence, in order to make greater profits from experiences of great value, avoiding possible problems.

  • It is useful to keep your friends and / or family informed on our journey. Preferably do not travel alone.


always put In the backpack:

  • the water bottle

  • a hot drink if you  walk in winter

  • a windbreaker or a kway suitable for the period

  • a thermal sheet

  • a hat or cap

  • a small knife

  • Sunglasses

  • a protective cream

  • a mini first aid kit (bandages, patches of various sizes and anti-vapors, disinfectant wipes, sterile gauze, scissors, lever clamps, latex gloves, drugs ...)

  • a frontal torch

  • possibly replacement clothing based on weather conditions.

Never rely entirely on the tools - let's limit ourselves to using them (satellite receivers, smartphones, etc.)

  • There are "gray areas": sometimes the phone may be out of signal.

  • We keep off at least one mobile phone, to conserve its charge and avoid being isolated. Better to bring a spare battery or an external auxiliary battery.

  • We carry spare batteries for GPS.

  • We take note of the telephone number of the single relief center (118) and the one of the Emilia-Romagna Alpine Rescue Service (800-848088) and Tuscany (335-281002). 

  • Along the way, particularly in the most isolated areas, they are placed in the signage installed to facilitate orientation, indications that rescuers need in case of need for intervention, to be communicated at the time of the call.

We try to be aware and responsible for what we do!


When you move in a natural environment it is important to be careful and respectful for everything that surrounds us:

  • we do not damage plants, fossils and undergrowth products

  • we keep dogs on a leash

  • we do not leave rubbish

  • prevent any fire risk

  • try to suggest to those who show off-road, motocross, who screams ... that the quiet has no contraindications. 

  • Our Apennines are naturally evolving and should not be underestimated; happens to walk for hours in the woods (also wanting at night: it can be an important game to perceive better); we foresee stages adapted to our interests and our preparation, taking into account that some paths (such as the one that runs through Monte Gazzaro), can be particularly challenging in the event of unfavorable weather conditions. 

  • always follow the indicated paths and in doubt we go back to the last indicated trail.

  • Let's abandon the rush to arrive and let's enjoy the journey: it will be our most beautiful memory.



leave only a slight imprint: that of our boots ..

The Vademecum of the Hiker

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