"In the mountains we are all the same" is a project of Slow Appennino, in collaboration with Noisy Vision, which covers accessible tourism and offers trekking as a vehicle for the discovery of the Tuscan Emilian Apennines through an adventure, accessible and safe, to be shared between sighted and blind, to break down the psychological barrier that divides them. The project was awarded by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (Mibact) and Invitalia.

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Walking along a path, recognizing the scents of herbs, discovering how to make a cheese, climbing on the rocks ... all in a "turnkey" tourist proposal, designed and built specifically for people with visual disabilities who are looking for moments of relaxation and fun and they do not think they are being reduced by this kind of opportunity. The route identified is the Via degli Dei, the historical route that connects Bologna to Firenzeattraversol'Appennino, which we know well, we have been proposing for years in Italy and on the foreign market and which many consider the Italian "Santiago".

Our partners:

The proposed idea started from the experience gained with Noisy Vision (informative project to spread the knowledge of Usher Syndrome and sensory disabilities) that in 2016 brought on the Via degli Dei a group of 12 visually impaired excursionists from all over Europe.

Visit the Noisy Vision website.

Our goals:

Our goal is to promote accessible tourism, studying the needs of the target audience, identifying the needs and coming to develop around these needs a real "tourism product" that makes the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines a "destination" for people with visual impairment. We therefore want to create a complete offer (trekking, guide, escort, baggage transport, transportation, overnight accommodation, packed lunches, dinners, guided tours, sensory workshops ...) that can satisfy the requests of those who want to leave for ... an adventure!

The challenge is:

1) In terms of "Accessibility" as they offer trips accessible to visually impaired (and not only) taking into account their specific needs. The difficulties of the environment will be overcome thanks to people trained, trained and sensitized to the topic.

2) In terms of "Sustainability" because it speaks of "slow" travel, with low environmental impact but high social value, to discover the strong and strong identity of the local host populations (the escorts will be residents and the reception will be studied for to develop a climate of conviviality).

3) In terms of "Collaboration": networking between Public Administrations and private operators, local associations and organizations representing and protecting persons with visual disabilities

Another accessible hiking experience with Noisy Vision and Appennino Slow has ended! Let's relive those moments with these video stories of the stages. An adventure that remains our heart!

First Stretch 

Second Stretch 

Third Stretch 

Fourth Stretch 

Fifth Stretch 

Seventh Stretch 

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