Rules of conduct

Some good rules to respect others, paths and our territory ...


1 - The paths are normally passable only from dawn to dusk

2 - It is forbidden to collect or damage plants, soil, rocks, minerals and fossils

3 - Collection of mushrooms and undergrowth products is prohibited

4 - Do not leave the marked trails

5 - Pay particular attention along the ridges and other more exposed sections

6 - Wear appropriate shoes and clothes

7 - Do not light fires and prevent any risk of fire

8 - Do not abandon waste along the paths (not even cigarette butts)

9 - Do not produce loud noises

10 - Do not disturb wild animals

11 - Keep dogs on a leash

12 - Do not damage artefacts and signs

13 - Respect the homes, crops and other activities of those who live and work in the area

14 - Report to those who owe any situation that may require intervention


In MTB excursions, in addition to the rules listed in the previous point, participants are required to:

1 - have the helmet always worn and tied

2 - make sure that the vehicle in use is in efficient mechanical conditions

3 - maintain a conducting speed commensurate with personal skills, visibility and conditions of the route, so as not to create danger for themselves and for others

4 - give priority to hikers on foot, who must be kindly advised at the distance of their arrival, by voice or with acoustic device

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