Lenght: 19,30 km
Duration: 6:50 circa
Elevation up: +854 m
Elevation down: -552 m

From Bologna FS station take Via Indipendenza and go to Piazza Maggiore, the starting point (or arrival) of Via degli Dei. Go on to via Saragozza and walk under the longest arcade which arrives to the Santuario della beata Vergine di San Luca. The arcade was built in 1674. It is long 3800 m and it is formed by 666 arcs, 3,6 Km of length. When you arrive at the San Luca's Church behave as a true Bologna citizen and ask for a "grace"! Then walk for 200 m on the street car and take the CAI track on the right side called "Via de' Brègoli" number 112A. This way will take you to Parco Talon in Casalecchio di Reno. On the way you will see two crossing streets. You can take both of them but the one on the right side is faster but more difficult (don't take it if there are bad weather conditions).


After Parco Talon you can continue to walk near the river Reno. Here you will see written signals about Via degli Dei and CAI track 112. Go on walking to Sasso Marconi. Before arriving here you will get to Oasi Naturalistica di San Gherardo, on your right side. It come from a cave near Palazzo de' Rossi and today it is a natural and protected area for animals and plants. Here you can do birdwatching, trekking and nordic walking (but only by appointment). Oasi San Gherardo has also a "Nature Home". This is a place where visitors and schools can go to see and know all about nature and animals of this area. Go on and after Oasi San Gherardo you will arrive to the car street. Go ahead until the main crossing point Sasso Marconi/Pontecchio and take Sasso Marconi side. Go on in via Vizzano and you will arrive to a place called "Ganzole" in Sasso Marconi (CAI VD).

From Sasso Marconi train station go on on the track CAI 122 and you will get to Prati di Mugnano. Continue to walk and you will get to the park, after the restaurant and the parking area on your right side. Follow the track CAI 110 VD . Here pay attention because here there are more signals and crossing streets. The first is "Bologna-Firenze" and the second one is "Monte Mario". Go ahead and ypou will get to a crossing point called La Commenda. Here you have two options.
a) Track 122 VD: take the track on your left side and go ahead. Then, you will arrive in via delle Orchidee. After a while turn to the right and take the car street to Badolo. Go on and you will arrive to the Botanic garden Nova Arbora. Continue to walk on the car street and after a while you will see the track on the left side that goes up to Monte del Frate
b) Track 110 VD: take the track on the right side. Here go on and follow the direction Rio Raibano-Brento (CAI 110). The way goes down; pay attention if it rain because the track can be slippery. After a while you will get to the main street car, go on on this way to Battedizzo and then to Badolo. When you are in Raibano you can get to Badolo with to ways: the first one is the track CAI 110, the second one is the street car. In Badolo you continue to walk and you will go throught the Church and the Enel electricity column. After a while you will see the track CAI 110 VD (direction Monte Adone/ Brento). The two different tracks become one near Monte del Frate.

Mountain Bike:  

Lenght: 21.60 km  

Elevaton: +827 m; -525 m Duration: 2.30 h 

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