Lenght: 21,08 km
Duration: 6:30 circa
Elevation up: +641 m
Elevation down: -1197 m

Mountain Bike:  

Lenght : 22.80 km

Elevation: +702 m; -1246 m Duration: 2.00 h 

From the Sergente Camping area or from the Futa car street SS 65 (it depends on your staying) you have to come back up, turn to the left on the way to "Apparita". Go on walking and after a while on your right you will see a white and blue block: go over it, into the forest, and follow the GEA sign. Go on and you will see a crossing area: take the CAI track n°00 to Monte Gazzaro. Go ahead, walk up and down on the hill ridge and you will arrive at Monte Gazzaro top (1125m). Here you can see a cross [Attention! This way is not available for mountain-bike and we suggest you should not walk on it if the weather is bad. So, at the crossing area you can turn down to the right].


Next to the M. Gazzaro cross there is a wall. On this wall you can see a steel box: open it and you will find a notebook. This notebook is called "libro vetta di Monte Gazzaro" ("high top Monte Gazzaro notebook" - TOP 10 4.1) and all the people can write something...do it! Go on walking on the hill ridge but pay attention: here the track is narrow and sometimes it can be slippery. Continue on Via degli Dei and you will arrive at an open area: this is Osteria Bruciata place (TOP 10 4.2 – pic 5). Long time ago in this place there was a very particular restaurant. The restaurant manager was used to welcome new people, to steal from them and...to cook them! Here the main track is well signed, so follow Sant'Agata – CAI n°46. Go on walking down on the way and you will see an old house called "Riarsiccio". Here you have to go on until you see two crossing tracks on your right.

The left sign is CAI n°46b to Sant'Agata, the right one is CAI n°46 to Sant'Agata-San Piero a Sieve: take the right one. Continue to walk and you will see a dug up way: go on on it and then you will arrive at the main car street. Here you can choose: if you go to the left you will arrive at Sant'Agata del Mugello. This town is very old and its ancient Church is wonderful (Pieve di Sant'Agata). On the other hand, if you want to go to San Piero a Sieve you have to cross the main car street and take the white road on your left. This road is CAI n°46 signed as well and it heads first to Gabbiano and then to San Piero a Sieve.

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