The signage of the paths is fundamental both from the point of view of hiking and from the point of view of the enhancement of the territory. The Italian Alpine Club, through the Central Commission for Hiking, between 1990 and 1996 attempted to define the standards to be followed and this was done not just by the CAI sections and subsections, but also by numerous public local authorities. and individuals for whom the CAI has become the reference interlocutor for signage and pathways in general.

Main signage

It is also called vertical and generally consists of the tables placed at the beginning of the path and the most important intersections that contain information on the locations indicating the name and altitude of the place of departure or places of destination with travel times and trail number, also called trail sign; other types of tables are foreseen for thematic paths, to invite to walk within the path, for the respect of the local flora and fauna, for the equipped paths, for the via ferrate, etc.


Secondary signage

It is also called horizontal or intermediate and is made up of a white-red or red-white-red trail marker (also called the flag and which contains the trail number) placed at the beginning and along the path, on stones or plants, used to provide continuity information and confirmation of the route.

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