6-legged vademecum

10 useful tips for traveling with your dog along the Via degli Dei


1) That your motto is: be responsible owners. Keep in mind what the real capabilities of your dog and remember that it is said that what you like ... like him too!

2) Consider that the dog walks on roughly uneven paths: imagine how it would be for you to walk barefoot on asphalt, gravel, roots! So take care of your friend's fingertips, protecting them with appropriate creams.

3) When you book at a facility, always check in advance that together with you, your pet is welcome.

4) When you go through nature reserves or SIC areas, for the protection of wildlife, the regulation requires dogs to be kept on a leash, so do not forget to always take it with you.

5) To the collar you prefer the harness, it is the best solution to keep your friend without "choke him". The hands free leash is also recommended, which you can attach to life, leaving your hands free.

6) Before leaving for a trek, it is advisable to train by taking long walks for several days; the same is true for your four-legged friend ... so train together!

7) Above all to travel the first stage, from Bologna to Monzuno, it is advisable to start with enough water and food for the dog; you do not need to load the backpack with too many provisions: at the end of each day you will always arrive in places with shops and services where you can stock up ... because, after many kilometers, your friend must be rewarded with a Lucullian dinner!

8) Along with water, never forget to bring a small bowl for travel.

9) If you walk in the summer, bring the sunscreen with you to protect the dog's face, especially the extremely delicate nose.

10) Finally, enjoy this six-legged adventure! If you take these simple steps, walking the Via degli Dei together will be a wonderful experience for you and your faithful friend!

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